Version 4 Mobile SDKs end-of-support FAQ

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Update on end of support for version 4 Mobile SDKs

Support for the Mobile version 4 SDKs has ended as of August 31, 2021 September 30, 2020.
In 2019, we announced that support for Adobe Experience Cloud's version 4 mobile SDKs would end on September 30, 2020. Customers were encouraged to migrate and adopt the latest Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs at their earliest convenience.
We have received feedback from multiple customers that the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting mobile-related teams, projects, and timelines. In an effort to assist customers during the pandemic, we extended support for version 4 mobile SDKs to August 31, 2021.
While customers may continue to download and use the version 4 SDKs, as of August 31, 2021 - these SDKs are no longer supported by Adobe. Additionally, support via Customer Care or official Adobe forums or issue repositories are no longer provided. The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK (previously referred to as v5) will exclusively support upcoming Adobe Experience Cloud features and functionality.
We recommend that you migrate to the new Experience Platform Mobile SDK as soon as possible. Please contact your Adobe Customer Success Manager if you have questions.

End-of-support considerations

Here are end-of-support considerations for the version 4 SDKs:
  • 4x SDKs no longer have support via Adobe Customer Support or forums beginning August 31, 2021.
  • Adobe has released final updates for version 4 SDKs (as needed) to facilitate compatibility with upcoming OS releases including iOS 14 and Android 11.
  • Customer issues will continue to be addressed by impact through September 30, 2020, after which Adobe may, in its sole discretion, develop new fixes for problems of high technical impact or business exposure for customers. Based on the customer input, Adobe will determine the degree of impact and exposure and the consequent activities.
  • Starting September 2021, no new fixes, OS-related updates, or support for 4x SDKs will be provided. Customers will be expected to use the new Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the support for the version 4 SDKs ending?

The version 4 SDKs were first released in September 2013 to support mobile app implementations for Adobe Analytics (including Mobile Services), Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign. These performant, well-tested SDKs provided rich functionality and are used in well over 18,000 apps across app stores.
Spurred by customer feedback for more control, performance, and functionality over the years; and to support future product enhancements, we released the re-architected Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs in September 2018. The new Experience Platform Mobile SDKs replaces the version 4 SDKs and provide support for new features such as flexible configuration through Experience Platform Launch, modular Adobe and partner extensions.
Solutions such as Places Service and Adobe Experience Platform Assurance are exclusively available on Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Where do I learn more about upgrading/migrating to the Experience Platform Mobile SDKs?

To upgrade to the Experience Platform SDKs, see Upgrade to the Experience Platform SDKs.

Will Mobile Services functionality still work?

Yes! This end-of-support statement does not affect your use of Mobile Services in anyway. You may continue to use features such as marketing links, push notifications, in-app messaging, etc. with version 4 SDKs or by leveraging the Adobe Analytics - Mobile Services extension for the new Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Can I still download and use the version 4 SDKs?

You can continue to use the version 4 SDKs after the end-of-support dates. However, as mentioned in End-of-support considerations, no support will be provided.
SDK downloads through GitHub and other locations will be available through August 31, 2021.

Whom do I contact for more information the end-of-support for Version 4 SDKs?

To discuss your specific situation and receive advice on the best next steps, contact Adobe Customer Support.