Release Notes

April 29, 2021

iOS AEPCore 3.1.2

  • Fixed a bug where the URL session was not reused for the same host.

  • Fixed a Swift compatibility issue.

iOS AEPIdentity 3.1.2

  • Fixed a bug where Identity was blocked on the first launch if the configuration was invalid.

April 8, 2021

iOS AEPCore 3.1.1

  • Fixed a bug where incomplete eventhub shared state was created before the event hub has been started.

April 1, 2021

iOS AEPCore 3.1.0

  • New API - MobileCore.collectLaunchInfo() - see API reference for more information.

  • New API - MobileCore.resetIdentities() - see API reference for more information.

  • Added multiple new values to EventType and EventSource.

  • Fixed a bug causing regular listeners to receive paired response events.

  • Fixed a bug preventing proper data migration from v4 and v5 SDK.

  • The callback method passed to MobileCore.registerEventListener now runs on a background thread.

  • Improved logging for dictionaries.

  • The EventHub's shared state dictionary now uses the full name of each registered extension as its key.

iOS AEPIdentity 3.1.0

  • Fixed an issue where privacy status was not correctly loaded from persistence.

  • Advertising ID can now correctly be set after having an initial value of "zeroes" or empty.

iOS AEPServices 3.1.0

  • Added support for UI Services.

  • The Locale string used in HTTP Headers is now properly formatted.

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent downloaded files from being properly unzipped.

January 19, 2021

Adobe Experience Platform iOS Core SDKs

The brand new Adobe Experience Platform Core iOS swift SDKs are live! It is open sourced on github, containing the following extensions:

  • AEPCore 3.0.0

  • AEPServices 3.0.0

  • AEPIdentity 3.0.0

  • AEPSignal 3.0.0

  • AEPLifecycle 3.0.0

  • AEPRulesEngine 1.0.0