Mobile Core

Last updated 2 months ago

The Mobile Core represents the core Adobe Experience Platform SDK required for any app implementation. The core contains common set of functionality and frameworks such as a Experience Cloud Identity services, data event hub, rules engine, reusable networking, disk access routines, etc., which is required by all Adobe and third-party extensions. Specifically, the core provides the following constituent functionality:

Configuration methods

For more detail, see Configuration Methods Reference

Event hub APIs

The SDK provides core, extension-independent APIs to facilitate event tracking of user screens, actions, and PII data. Events generated by these APIs are published to the SDK event hub and are available for use to individual extensions. For instance, when the Analytics extension is installed, all user actions and app screens event data will be sent to appropriate Analytics reporting endpoints.

For more detail, see Mobile Core API Reference

Rules engine

This Mobile Core contains a rule engine that interprets all tracking, PII, Signals, Request Content, and extension-specific events for the SDK. Users may create rules, which when matched, will trigger a Response Content event for the listening extension in order to handle associated consequence(s).

For more detail, see Rules Engine Reference


The Identity framework enables Adobe's Experience Cloud ID service and is a required component for most SDK implementations.

Fore more detail, see Identity


For more detail, see Lifecycle


For more detail, see Signals