Implementing Experience Cloud solutions in Mobile Android and iOS Swift applications

This is the starting point for mobile app developers who want to learn how to implement Experience Cloud solutions in their iOS Swift apps. Each lesson contains how-to exercises and foundational information to help you implement the Experience Cloud and understand its value. A demo Swift app is provided for you to complete the tutorial, so you can learn the underlying techniques in a safe environment. After completing this tutorial, you should be ready to start implementing all of your Experience Cloud solutions in your own iOS Swift and Android apps!

Tracking Beacons in Mobile Android and iOS applications

Sending beacon data and to Adobe Analytics for reporting can be an effective way of further understanding how your audiences interact with physical landmarks. If you would like to send beacon tracking data to your Analytics server and be able to create rules based off of a user's proximity to your beacons, you can do so manually. Note that this solution relies on the Profile extension for the purposes of generating beacon-related rules.