Updating the shared state

Extensions set a shared state by creating an event data that the extensions save by calling setSharedEventState from the ACPExtensionApi (iOS) / ExtensionApi (Android) interface. This interface is available through the ACPExtension (iOS) / Extension (Android) parent class. Extensions can only set their own state, so the name that is used is the same as your extension (for example, com.exampleCompany.extension). This name is also the name that other extensions need to use when requesting your shared state.


public void hear(final Event event) {
Map<String, Object> customElement = new HashMap<String, Object>();
customElement.put("customInt", 125);
customElement.put("customString", "example");
Map<String, Object> customData = new HashMap<String, Object>();
customData.put("customElement", customElement);
Map<String, Object> newEventData = new HashMap<String, Object>();
newEventData.put("customData", customData);
ExtensionErrorCallback<ExtensionError> errorCallback = new ExtensionErrorCallback<ExtensionError>() {
public void error(final ExtensionError extensionError) {
Log.d("MyListener", String.format("An error occurred while setting the shared state %d %s", extensionError.getErrorCode(), extensionError.getErrorName()));
getApi().setSharedEventState(newEventData, event, errorCallback);


(void) hear: (nonnull ACPExtensionEvent*) event {
// construct the data to be shared in a JSON format
NSDictionary* newEventData =
NSError* error = nil;
if (![self.extension.api setSharedEventState:newEventData event:event error:&error] && error) {
NSLog(@"Error setting shared state %@:%ld", [error domain], [error code]);