WeChat Mini Programs

The Adobe Experience Platform SDK for WeChat Mini Programs brings Adobe Experience Cloud & Adobe Experience Platform functionality to developers building Mini Programs. The scope for the beta and subsequent general release will be functionality for Adobe Analytics customers who want to track behavioral usage of branded Mini Programs.

Supported functionality

The SDK for WeChat Mini Programs provide the following functionality:

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The SDK will allow for easy configuration of app and Adobe Analytics related settings. Developers will be able to manage queuing of Analytics requests. Queuing requests can ensure HTTP request ordering and potentially minimize quota collision enforced by WeChat. Debug logging (with multiple log levels) is also provided for a more transparent implementation.

Data Collection

The SDK will automatically collect out-of-the-box lifecycle metrics and send to Adobe Analytics for reporting. Developers may also implement custom action, event, and screen tracking.


The SDK will automatically generate an Adobe Analytics Visitor ID (aid) to identify program users. Experience Cloud ID (ECID or MCID) is not supported at this time.

To learn more about Analytics Visitor ID, see the Adobe Analytics implementation guide.


The SDK will be available as read-only open source, distributed with an Apache 2.0 license.


  • Adobe Analytics 以及小程序基本信息相关配置

  • Http 请求队列,避免小程序Http并发请求限制

  • 调试日志


  • 小程序生命周期数据的收集,包括安装、启动等事件,以及使用时长等信息

  • 自定义的页面、事件信息的收集


  • 使用Analytics Visitor ID标识用户

  • 从服务器端获取或者小程序端自动生成

有关Analytics Visitor ID的信息,请参阅 Adobe Analytics implementation guide


  • 提供英文的帮助文档

  • SDK代码采用Apache 2.0开源协议