Validation and next steps
As you begin to add solution APIs to your mobile implementation, you are going to want to validate that specific actions and experiences work as intended. Adding Project Griffon to your application at the beginning of your implementation provides a way to quickly check to make sure the SDK has been instrumented properly and that data is flowing to Adobe Analytics and other solutions.
Project Griffon is available across all SDK platforms and frameworks. Installation and setup instructions are available here.
Once you have Griffon integrated, you can create a new session by either scanning a QR code or by following a unique deep link URL.
The main interface for Griffon will show a running event list of all SDK events, including a configuration response event that will provide a readout of all configuration values obtained from Adobe Experience Platform Launch.
Project Griffon Configuration Response

Adobe Analytics view

The Adobe Analytics event list offers a focused view of analytics events triggered in the application. You can sort through all of the track action and track state calls. In the analytics view in Griffon, you can see both the raw hit request sent to Analytics and the post-processed details.
Project Griffon analytics view

Places Service view

Project Griffon simplifies testing point of interest entries and exits. The Places event list provides a focused view showing all events related to Places Service, including user authorization level granted and requests for nearby points of interest (POIs).
While a device is connected to an active Griffon session, the map view will show a timeline of POI entries and exits. If you want to test actions or experiences triggered by geofence entries and exits, the map view will allow you to spoof or simulate your location by clicking on any area within the map.
To learn more about the Places Service, please read the Places Service overview
Project Griffon Places Service Location Simulation
To learn more about Project Griffon, please read the Project Griffon setup guide

Next Steps

Once you have added, initialized, and validated the Experience Platform SDK for a base implementation, you can extend SDK functionality by adding in other extensions.
To get started, see the Mobile Foundations and Experience Cloud sections in the left pane.

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