Adobe Analytics


The integration with Adobe Analytics provides a richer view of SDK events to users debugging and validating their Adobe Analytics implementation. The view now shows lifecycle and action/state events sent to Adobe Analytics from the Adobe Experience Platform SDK. The view also features "response" detail that provides information on how the events were processed after the application of respective report suite's processing rules.

If the SDK made a network request with Adobe Analytics (queued), and if post-processing information is returned from Adobe Analytics about that event (validated), the status tells you when an SDK event is generated (processed).

For an Analytics track event, the detailed view contains the following valuable parts:

  • An originating SDK Analytics request event.

  • OOTB meta and context data from the request, such as report suite ID, SDK extension versions, OOTB context data, and so on.

  • Post-processed information on the Analytics event that contains the mapping of revars, evars, props, and so on.

Using Project Griffon for Adobe Analytics

To get started, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you implemented the latest versions of the Project Griffon and Adobe Analytics extensions.

  2. Go to (not

  3. Connect your app to a Project Griffon session. For more information, see Connect your device.

  4. To view your events, select the Adobe Analytics view.