Project Griffon

Project Griffon is a new, innovative beta product from Adobe Experience Cloud to help you easily inspect, validate, debug data collection and experiences for your mobile app. We're building Project Griffon to do the heavy lifting of getting your app implementation right, while you focus on creating engaging experiences.

Project Griffon is a beta product. To use it, you must accept the terms on

What can Project Griffon do for you?

Quick Setup

Get started in a hurry with a few lines of code. Project Griffon works with the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK to help you inspect and validate app events, logs, device information, and more.

Seamless Connection

With Project Griffon, you do not need network proxies, MiTM and other network gymnastics. Connecting your app to Project Griffon is made as easy as scanning a QR code.

Instant Validation

After connecting, you can inspect live-streamed app events and activity and filter and search to eliminate noise. Events contain details about validating, debugging, and troubleshooting your mobile app implementation.

Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud

Client-side data and experiences are given context by how users setup reporting rules, activities, and campaigns on our marketer-focused user interfaces. To help you connect the dots between the two, we're integrating with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Platform Places Service, and more.


SDK Event Inspection

Project Griffon helps you introspect raw SDK events present in the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK. All events collected by the SDK is available for inspection. SDK events are loaded in a list view, sorted by time. Each event has a detailed view that provides further detail.

Adobe Analytics Event Inspection

The Adobe Analytics view shows you events only related to your Adobe Analytics SDK implementation. The list view shows the action/state name and event “status” along with a specifically formatted detail view. Status tells you when an SDK event is generated (processed), if the SDK has made a network request with Adobe Analytics (queued), and if we’ve returned post-processing information about that event (validated).

Location Services (Places) Validation

The Location Services view is an on-device view that shows the user location entry and exit events for easy validation. This handy view provides a convenient interface to view location specific data points for inspection on the client for in-context debugging.

Getting Started

To get started with Project Griffon, see the following:

To access Project Griffon, see instructions on Set up Project Griffon