Setup Adobe Experience Platform

Prepare Platform

To send data to Adobe Experience Platform, you need to create an XDM schema and a dataset that uses the schema.

  • Assign the XDM ExperienceEvent class to your schema.

  • Add the following mixins:

    • ExperienceEvent Application Details

    • ExperienceEvent Environment Details

    • ExperienceEvent Commerce Details

  • Create a dataset where your data should be sent by using the schema that you created earlier.

Requesting a configuration ID

To use the Mobile SDK, you need a configuration ID, which ensures that your data is routed to the correct location. To obtain a configuration ID from your consultant or through Adobe Client Care, provide the following information:

  • Org ID: To locate this ID, complete the instructions in Organizations and account linking.

  • Dataset ID, which is available in the dataset UI when you click on a dataset.

  • Schema ID, which is available at the end of the URL of the schema creation/viewing page.

  • Friendly Name, which is the name that will be used in future UIs for this configuration.

After you received your configuration ID, you can continue with the Set up the SDK steps.