Generate Environment Identifier

This step outlines the generation of an environment identifier from Adobe Experience Platform necessary for the Experience Edge Extension implementation.

The Adobe Experience Platform - Experience Edge - Mobile extension is currently in beta. Use of this extension is by invitation only. Please contact your Adobe Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Initialize Adobe Experience Platform for data collection

Before you can start collecting data in Adobe Experience Platform, you will need to first create an XDM schema and a dataset that uses the schema. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Assign the XDM ExperienceEvent class to your schema.

  2. Add the following mixins:

    • ExperienceEvent Application Details

    • ExperienceEvent Environment Details

    • ExperienceEvent Commerce Details

  3. Create a dataset where your data should be sent by using the schema that you created earlier.

Generate a Experience Edge environment identifier

To start sending events to Experience Edge, the SDK will require a configuration identifier to ensure the implementation matches server-side configuration and data is routed/received to/from the correct destination.

To create a configuration identifier use the following steps:

  1. In Adobe Experience Platform Launch, navigate to your mobile property and select Edge Configurations from the left panel, then select New Edge Configuration.

  2. Provide a name and description and then proceed to set up the default environment settings. These settings are used as defaults across the Experience Edge environments.

  3. To send events to Adobe Experience Platform, you will need to enable the Adobe Experience Platform section as shown below:

After these settings are saved, environment identifiers will be generated, and you may continue with the Set up the SDK steps.