Adobe Analytics for Streaming Media


With the integration between Streaming Media Analytics and Adobe Experience Platform Assurance, you can now validate your AEP Mobile SDK - Media Analytics implementation. Views include what is tracked in the media session such as:
  • Session start event that contains all content core, standard metadata and custom metadata properties, also session end and complete.
  • Ad break Start and Ad start event with all ad properties attached, also skip and complete event for both
  • Chapter Start with all properties and chapter skip and complete events
  • All playback changes (play, pause, buffer, errors, bitrate change)
  • All player state tracking changes (start, end)
Once data is processed in Analytics, post-processed status and data, such as media time spent and total pause duration, are also available in the event detail view.

Using Adobe Experience Platform Assurance for Adobe Analytics for Streaming Media

After you have connected and set up your app for Adobe Analytics, you are ready to configure it for Streaming Media Analytics. At the bottom of the left panel, click Configure to add the Media Analytics Events view and Save it.
Once added, select the Adobe Analytics > Media Analytics Events view to validate your session tracking.
In the Media Analytics Events view, you may search and filter by Session ID (VSID) to view a specific media session. To view additional event details, select a specific event.
Media Events
For a more succinct view of API calls, you may also hide the playhead update events by selecting the Hide Playhead Update events filter.
Hide Playhead
Viewing post-processed media analytics data requires the use of SDK versions: Android Media 2.1.2 and iOS AEPMedia 3.0.1 (or above)
To view post-processed data, find the session start event and validate in the status column that the session was completed. If completed, click on the event to view a media session summary in the event detail view. For further details, scroll down to find the post-processed details.
Post-Processed View