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The Mobile SDK documentation has moved!

The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK documentation has now moved. The latest version of the documentation can be found at

Good to go for iOS 16 and Android 13

Latest versions of the Adobe Experience Platform SDK for Google Android and Apple iOS (Swift & Objective-C) are tested for compatibilit with release verisons of Apple iOS 16 and Google Android 13. See Current SDK Versions to find our latest SDK versions or release notes for information on changes and updates.

Project Griffon will be Assurance!

We're pleased to announce that Project Griffon will be generally available to all Adobe Experience Cloud customers as Assurance. To learn more about this transition see here.

Bring the Adobe Experience Cloud to your apps

The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK helps power Adobe's Experience Cloud solutions and services in your mobile apps.
The SDK is comprised of the Mobile Core and a series of modular Adobe Experience Cloud solutions or third-party vendor extensions that depend on the Mobile Core. Extensions interact with the Mobile Core to provide features specific to the solution or service they represent.
Experience Platform Mobile SDKs are available for Android, iOS, and a variety of cross-platform development frameworks. SDKs configuration is managed via Adobe Experience Platform Launch for flexible configuration and extensible, rules-based integrations.

Supported Platforms

The Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK provides support for the following platforms:

Interested in Kotlin?

We're looking for feedback on how we can better support our customers using (or planning to use) Kotlin in their mobile apps.
Please take a quick survey a let us know if you're interested in a Kotlin-based version of the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK.

End of support for Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK plugins for Unity

Effective March 30, 2022, support for Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs on Unity is no longer active. While you may continue using our libraries, Adobe no longer plans to update, modify, or provide support for these libraries. Please contact your Adobe CSM for details.

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